Review: We-Vibe Nova

Look at how pretty the Nova is!
We-Vibe Nova in it’s box.

I’ll admit it right off the bat. My vagina is a freaking Goldilocks. Too hard, too soft, not in the right direction, needs more build up… so many things can go wrong! In essence, it’s hard for me to build up to an orgasm, but when it happens… it happens. So let me tell you, when I rave about a toy, I mean business.

There’s a reason why I call the We-Vibe Nova my precious.

I’m one of those people that needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but I also love penetrative stimulation. Therefore, rabbit vibrators always seemed brilliant in theory because the idea of getting both clitoral stimulation and G-spot love at the same time is scintillating. What? I can have a free hand when I masturbate? Sign me up! Unfortunately, reality often does not work that way. For traditional rabbit vibrators, the clitoral vibrations are really laughably weak, and when I thrust, the arm moves away from my clit in a manner that ensures it’s more of a tease than actually doing any of the heavy lifting I need it to.

The Nova solves all my issues with rabbit vibrators.

First of all, the toy is made out of silky smooth silicone. The type of silicone that doesn’t catch onto skin, debris, dust etc. It only comes in one colour: pink and white, and lets be honest, I’m not in love with pink vibrators (they’re so cliche!), but the pink is just red/orange enough that it’s not irritating to look at. Instead, the Nova looks pretty good with four simple controls placed in an easy to reach spot (even for my small hands!), and a non-obtrusive logo. It’s also waterproof and USB rechargeable, which is convenient and definitely a pro when it comes to sex toys. The Nova is also pretty quiet for its power when compared to much louder toys such as the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Its external arm is flexible and bends against the clit which means the vibrations against my clit is constant even while thrusting. The arm is also quite big which means it covers a good portion of my vulva. I’m glad because I don’t like pinpoint clit stimulation. The internal arm is also a good shape and the slight curve on it hits my g-spot pretty well. The length is also good for me since it doesn’t hit my cervix painfully, but it’s enough to make me feel full and satisfied. The Nova’s shape really just fits my Goldilocks vagina.

What’s the catch?

There is a caveat to this wonderful shape. Each vagina is a snowflake and has a different size and shape. So what works for me, might not work for you. Since the external arm on the Nova is rather large, it covers enough surface that it’ll work for a good portion of vaginas. However, this is not guaranteed.

But if the shape works for you…

The motors are good too, it is a rumbly, penetrating vibration that doesn’t make my skin numb. I definitely prefer a rumbly vibration over a buzzy one because the rumbly vibrations means I can keep going whereas the buzzy, shallow, surface-level vibrations will be less likely to make me orgasm and more likely to make me numb and desensitized. Hey Epiphora explains the difference between buzzy and rumbly more in depth here.

The Nova, on the other hand, is able to drag an orgasm out of me in minutes, and it won’t even make me numb a la Magic Wand’s industrial strength buzzy vibrations. Once I reach orgasm, I can tone down the vibrations and keep thrusting until I build up towards another orgasm. I really appreciate that continuity, ya know? Usually I have to stop altogether and wait for a while until I’m not as sensitive, and it sucks because I want to keep going! All I want after an explosive orgasm is a good hard knock on my g-spot, not radio silence. With the Nova, I can do that.


Yes I do have We-Vibe’s app despite the We-Vibe information collection scandal. It’s just too convenient to not have and use. The app can control both motors separately, and it’s all laid out visually in an easy to understand manner. There are also 10 different vibration modes as well as the ability to create your own patterns. Conveniently, the app also tells you how much battery is left in your Nova which is nice because a toy dying half-way through a play session is possibly one of the worst things ever. The only qualm I have about this app is that it forces me to turn on not just my Bluetooth (which makes a lot of sense), but my locations/GPS as well (which makes less sense).

The Nova can be hard to control without the app because there are 4 buttons and a lot of options. There are two separate motors and so many patterns that it’ll take a long time before you cycle back to the settings you like. The + and – buttons are great for general intensity, but since I like to have different intensities for the internal and external motor, the app works much better for me.


We-Vibe packaging is always quite nice. The Nova comes in a sturdy white box. Inside the box is the vibrator (of course), a USB charging cable, a instruction booklet, and a little bag to store the toy. The USB charging cable connects to the Nova magnetically which ensures the toy is waterproof. Plus, the cable is much easier to bring around than an entire charging unit, and most people already have a USB charger. I’ve found the battery life to be quite good (2 hours), and charging doesn’t take long (90 minutes to full charge).

All the goodies you'll need with the Nova
Everything the Nova comes with.


The Nova is a brilliant innovation for rabbit vibrators. It’s a high quality toy that is built solidly. It is made with body safe materials free from phthalates, latex and BPA, and the silicone is really lovely to touch because it’s so soft. The two motors can produce a huge range of intensity from the softest flutters to “oh god this is too much” (I usually use it at around 50% power since I don’t love being bombarded by too much intensity). If you love having both clitoral and penetrative stimulation at the same time, I highly suggest this toy!

I do, however, suggest getting this toy from somewhere that accepts returns in case it doesn’t work with your body shape (such is the drawback for all rabbit vibrators).

Where can you get it?

In Canada (because I’m from Canada)

Directly from the We-Vibe website for $159 CAD

Come As You Are, a Toronto based sex toy co-operative.

Pink Cherry, a Canadian based sex toy store.
*All prices are reflective as of the time of this post.

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