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Here’s to new beginnings!

Welcome to the Compass of Desire where I point out the intricacies of kink and BDSM in my life.

I am Fialynn, you can also find me on Fetlife.

You can also read more about me here.

I am a lifestyle Dominant woman who delights in making people squirm. I am genuinely sadistic and love to take control of other people. You can often find me inflicting pain with a smile on my face. Gender does not matter to me, I evaluate people on other characteristics, so I do identify as pansexual.

Currently, it’s 2am, I have a fever, and I’m waiting to take my next round of antibiotics.

I’ve been dreaming about this blog for years. A blog where I can record my thoughts as I journey through my kinky hedonistic lifestyle. Finally, I have decided to take the plunge and start creating. Sometimes it is the weirdest circumstances that prompt us to make things happen. I will admit, I have never created a website before, so this will be a learning process.

In here, I will post my thoughts, my opinions, reviews of toys, and anything else I can think of. Please feel free to contact me whether it be for feedback or content requests. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner, but I am a busy person.

Stay tuned for more content and updates.

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I am a young woman travelling through life like everyone else... except I am deeply embroiled in the kink community. I identify as a dominant, feminist, sex positive person. I'm very active in the kink community, and nowadays, I help run the Toronto TNG Munch.

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